Auto Content Cash and ReviewAZON – The Money Making Dynamic Duo

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I am always looking for ways to automate my business whether it is finding ways to speed up the link building process or ways to batch install and update my WordPress installs. There is one area that I really would like to automate and that is the content creation aspect of building niche blogs.Content is the backbone of any good affiliate site and any time that I can find ways to automate that process, I will do it.

I was talking to my friend Brian G. Johnson about the very issue of content creation and how he handles incorporating automation into his blogs and he informed me about a product that he has compiled that will give step by step instructions on how to build auto content generated blogs. The name of the product is called Auto Content Cash and it is available to the general public on Tuesday, March 9th 2010.

Now, whenever Brian releases a product, you know that it is going to be good, well researched and easy to follow. Most importantly, it will make you money if you take the advice that Brian gives and take action.

I had the pleasure of getting a behind the scenes, sneak peek preview of Auto Content Cash and let me tell you, I was completely blown away by the sheer number of videos, free WordPress plug-ins and information contained in this product. The attention to detail and the step by step process that Brian delivers is absolutely insane. It’s like having Brian sitting with you at your computer and giving you one on one coaching while you build auto content generating blogs one after the other.

Another thing that I was equally impressed with in this product is the fact that Brian gives you examples of the sites the he has personally built using this method and shows you the proof that they can and will make you money AND land you on the front page of Google for your target market. Most of these sites have no backlinks and no page rank, yet they beat out sites like and eBay for the top spots.

The thing that really got me excited was the fact that ReviewAZON is absolutely PERFECT as a monetization method for this type of site. Setting up ReviewAZON to drip feed Amazon product posts into the auto generated content is a great way to make affiliate commissions on these sites.

As part of the Auto Content Cash system, Brian is giving you a WordPress plug-in called Deep Link Engine. This plug-in will grab you backlinks to every post that you make as well as increase relevance and ranking power of each blog post/page with quality outbound links. Everyone can use some help getting backlinks that this tool looks like an awesome tool to have in your back linking tool belt.

There is so much stuff in this course that you will be blow away, but here are some of my personal favorites after having the opportunity to spend hours reviewing this product:

Auto Content Generation – The whole reason why you want this product is so you can create auto content blogs that continuously update with the freshest and relevant content to your niche market. You will learn the secret product that Brian uses to generate content for his army of auto blogs and how you can start making it work for you.

Batch Site Processing – Brian goes into extreme detail on how you can launch 10 to 20 sites at one time using the Auto Content Cash cloning program. He shows how he made $22,000 with similar sites in the Halloween niche. This is a must see module in my opinion because it shows the immense power of the program and how just analyzing site data can take your business to the next level.

Flipping Auto Content Cash Sites on Flippa – Brian shares some of his Auto Content Cash generated sites that he sold on If you are a site flipper or just want to see what other money making opportunities there are using this system, you will want to know about this money making method. Watch as he spent $19 to list a site that sells for $200 and another for $400. I am really into site flipping so that was a very interested and eye opening module for me.

Outsourcing and Piggyback Marketing – Find out how to get other people to generate content for you without you having to lift a finger to do it. This gives you more time to focus on building more sites and making more money. You will also find out what the piggyback marketing method is and how to make it work to your advantage.

Niche Marketing Research – How to find the most profitable niches and exploit them for quick cash using Adsense, Amazon and other monetization methods. Again, ReviewAZON is a great way to cash in on the Amazon affiliate program using the Auto Content Cash methodology.
I have only scratched the surface in terms of the amount of information that is contained in the Auto Content Cash system.
Having seen some of the detailed videos and PDF guides has given me tons of ideas and inspiration not to mention confidence about building my next set of affiliate content sites.

My final thoughts about Auto Content Cash are that Brian has done it yet again and has released another quality, impressive and downright awesome product. It doesn’t matter if you are the newbie site builder or the experienced niche blogging professional, you will find something in this course that you can use to make your business better.

I can’t wait to see what it can do for me and I know you will be equally impressed when you see it for yourself.

Click here to find out more information about Auto Content Cash.

Follow ReviewAZON on Twitter!

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I created a Twitter account for ReviewAZON last year and never really did much with it. So, I one of my goals for this year is to use Twitter for updates and information regarding ReviewAZON and other things I have going on related to internet marketing.

You can follow me here:

Hope to see you on Twitter soon!



ReviewAZON 1.1 Officially Released

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ReviewAZON 1.1 has been officially released. This version has quite a few features/enhancements and is now compliant with the Amazon Advertising API changes that go in effect on August 15th 2009.

Also in this release is support for WordPress 2.8 and WordPress 2.8.1.

You can read more about what is available in the 1.1 release here: ReviewAZON 1.1 Features

Video Demo: Creating PPC Landing Pages Using ReviewAZON and FlexSqueeze

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Since my last post, I have had quite a few emails and comments on how to create Pay Per Click (PPC) landing pages using ReviewAZON and FlexSqueeze. I have put together a very short video on how to create these ultra simple and very powerful landing pages.

I used Photoshop to create the custom landing page header. Other than using WordPress, ReviewAZON and FlexSqueeze, that is all I did. I think it turned out very well and you are going to be amazed at how quickly and how simple this was to create.

Let me know what you think!

Instant PPC Landing Pages with ReviewAZON and FlexSqueeze for WordPress

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It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of PPC and Amazon. I really love the instant feedback that I get from running PPC campaigns along with Google Analytics. Don’t get me wrong, I love SEO and free search engine traffic, but I guess it is mainly that I am impatient and love the thrill of the chase.

By now you may have heard about Ryan Grabenstein’s FlexSqueeze WordPress templates that is the successor to the famous Flexibility 2 theme. If you haven’t seen it in action, well, you just have to visit his site and take a look.

Ok, so back to PPC. Everyone knows that it is a pain to create PPC landing pages or “squeeze” pages as it is know in internet marketing circles. It is my least thing that I like about doing PPC internet marketing. When I found out that Ryan had created a squeeze/landing page WordPress template I was the first one to try and get a copy. I was also fired up because it was built on the Flexiblity 2 framework and that is my favorite WordPress theme of all time.

Tonight I took some time off from ReviewAZON updates, and spent some time really looking at this theme in depth. I gotta tell you, I am digging this theme. I like it so much that I went out and bought a domain name so that I could do some testing via PPC with a landing page that I created using FlexSqueeze and ReviewAZON.

I think it took me more time to buy the domain name and create the custom header than it took me to create the page. I literally uploaded the theme, created a new WordPress Page, selected the FlexSqueeze template from the page template dropdown and added a ReviewAZON Product Page Post to the page. Once the page was created, I uploaded my custom image and set the FlexSqueeze page to load the custom header.

That’s it. Nothing more. In just a few minutes, I had a landing page that showcased a hot Amazon product (#1 in the Camcorder Category), complete with customer reviews, and I can now send PPC traffic to and make Amazon affiliate commissions. I can also create as many pages as I want and drive target traffic to those pages as well.

If you want to check out the page you can visit the page here:

Oh, and be sure to check out Ryan’s incredible FlexSqueeze theme. I promise you will not be disappointed in the price or the quality of his work.

As you can see, with ReviewAZON and FlexSqueeze for WordPress, you can really create some fantastic landing pages for your PPC campagns.


ReviewAZON Add Amazon Affiliate Product Review Demo Video

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Due to overwhelming demand, I’ve added a YouTube video that shows you how easy it is to add Amazon product reviews to your blog using ReviewAZON.

I’ve had numerous emails asking to see a little of the interface and posting process. I am still tweaking and styling the interface a bit, but it is more polishing it up than anything at this point.

I’ve really tried to focus on usability in regards to the interface so that adding these reviews are a simple and straight forward process. Yes, there are lots of “power user” features in this release, but for those who are looking for the “choose a product and post” simplicity, the out of the box functionality gives you that and more.

Check out the video and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear what you have to say!