Auto Content Cash and ReviewAZON – The Money Making Dynamic Duo

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I am always looking for ways to automate my business whether it is finding ways to speed up the link building process or ways to batch install and update my WordPress installs. There is one area that I really would like to automate and that is the content creation aspect of building niche blogs.Content is the backbone of any good affiliate site and any time that I can find ways to automate that process, I will do it.

I was talking to my friend Brian G. Johnson about the very issue of content creation and how he handles incorporating automation into his blogs and he informed me about a product that he has compiled that will give step by step instructions on how to build auto content generated blogs. The name of the product is called Auto Content Cash and it is available to the general public on Tuesday, March 9th 2010.

Now, whenever Brian releases a product, you know that it is going to be good, well researched and easy to follow. Most importantly, it will make you money if you take the advice that Brian gives and take action.

I had the pleasure of getting a behind the scenes, sneak peek preview of Auto Content Cash and let me tell you, I was completely blown away by the sheer number of videos, free WordPress plug-ins and information contained in this product. The attention to detail and the step by step process that Brian delivers is absolutely insane. It’s like having Brian sitting with you at your computer and giving you one on one coaching while you build auto content generating blogs one after the other.

Another thing that I was equally impressed with in this product is the fact that Brian gives you examples of the sites the he has personally built using this method and shows you the proof that they can and will make you money AND land you on the front page of Google for your target market. Most of these sites have no backlinks and no page rank, yet they beat out sites like and eBay for the top spots.

The thing that really got me excited was the fact that ReviewAZON is absolutely PERFECT as a monetization method for this type of site. Setting up ReviewAZON to drip feed Amazon product posts into the auto generated content is a great way to make affiliate commissions on these sites.

As part of the Auto Content Cash system, Brian is giving you a WordPress plug-in called Deep Link Engine. This plug-in will grab you backlinks to every post that you make as well as increase relevance and ranking power of each blog post/page with quality outbound links. Everyone can use some help getting backlinks that this tool looks like an awesome tool to have in your back linking tool belt.

There is so much stuff in this course that you will be blow away, but here are some of my personal favorites after having the opportunity to spend hours reviewing this product:

Auto Content Generation – The whole reason why you want this product is so you can create auto content blogs that continuously update with the freshest and relevant content to your niche market. You will learn the secret product that Brian uses to generate content for his army of auto blogs and how you can start making it work for you.

Batch Site Processing – Brian goes into extreme detail on how you can launch 10 to 20 sites at one time using the Auto Content Cash cloning program. He shows how he made $22,000 with similar sites in the Halloween niche. This is a must see module in my opinion because it shows the immense power of the program and how just analyzing site data can take your business to the next level.

Flipping Auto Content Cash Sites on Flippa – Brian shares some of his Auto Content Cash generated sites that he sold on If you are a site flipper or just want to see what other money making opportunities there are using this system, you will want to know about this money making method. Watch as he spent $19 to list a site that sells for $200 and another for $400. I am really into site flipping so that was a very interested and eye opening module for me.

Outsourcing and Piggyback Marketing – Find out how to get other people to generate content for you without you having to lift a finger to do it. This gives you more time to focus on building more sites and making more money. You will also find out what the piggyback marketing method is and how to make it work to your advantage.

Niche Marketing Research – How to find the most profitable niches and exploit them for quick cash using Adsense, Amazon and other monetization methods. Again, ReviewAZON is a great way to cash in on the Amazon affiliate program using the Auto Content Cash methodology.
I have only scratched the surface in terms of the amount of information that is contained in the Auto Content Cash system.
Having seen some of the detailed videos and PDF guides has given me tons of ideas and inspiration not to mention confidence about building my next set of affiliate content sites.

My final thoughts about Auto Content Cash are that Brian has done it yet again and has released another quality, impressive and downright awesome product. It doesn’t matter if you are the newbie site builder or the experienced niche blogging professional, you will find something in this course that you can use to make your business better.

I can’t wait to see what it can do for me and I know you will be equally impressed when you see it for yourself.

Click here to find out more information about Auto Content Cash.

Follow ReviewAZON on Twitter!

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I created a Twitter account for ReviewAZON last year and never really did much with it. So, I one of my goals for this year is to use Twitter for updates and information regarding ReviewAZON and other things I have going on related to internet marketing.

You can follow me here:

Hope to see you on Twitter soon!



Special Offer: Grab the 2 Hour Webinar Featuring ReviewAZON and Brian Johnson of Commission Ritual

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On Friday January 22nd, I had the opportunity to join Brian Johnson, of Commission Ritual fame, on a 2 hour webinar to discuss how using ReviewAZON can help you earn money promoting products through the Amazon Affiliate Program.

If you don’t know Brian Johnson, he is a master at SEO and Traffic building and one hell of a nice guy. He has created several Internet Marketing info products, has TONS on videos on YouTube about making money through affiliate marketing and author of the awesome program called Commission Ritual.

Not only is Brian a customer of ReviewAZON, he is also a savy affiliate marketer who knows his stuff when it comes to getting sites ranking on the front page of Google.

In the webinar, he shares one of his newly built niche sites and shows us his front page Google ranking for a site less than 3 weeks old.

As part of a special offer, Brian has recorded this webinar and is offering it as a bonus for those who purchase ReviewAZON through his affiliate link. On top of that, I have offered a special reduced price just for those interested in ReviewAZON and the webinar Brian is offering.

To find out more about this incredible offer from Brian you can visit his site:

Just follow the instructions on his site to gain access to this very informative 2 hour webinar where we discuss Amazon, SEO tactics and a whole lot more!

If you want to find out more about Brian’s incredible product Commission Ritual, I would suggest taking a look here:

Find Out How to Get Your Niche Sites Ranking #1 on Google Using Commission Ritual by Brian Johnson

It is a simple, easy to follow guide to making money in affiliate marketing and I think you will really benefit from it.

To your success,


Quality Holiday/Christmas WordPress Themes – PLR Licensed and Ready To Sell

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Right now bloggers and site flippers all over the internet are searching for holiday related WordPress blogs only to be disappointed by the low quality of free themes available. Now you have the opportunity to make bank by providing bloggers, site flippers and internet marketers 5 quality holiday WordPress themes.

I am giving you the unique opportunity to snag a premium WordPress theme for your blog AND resell more premium themes at whatever price you want!

Here is what I am offering:

  • 5 Quality WordPress Holiday Themes
  • 5 Custom Made Holiday Blog Headers – PSD (Photoshop Files) Included
  • Featured Content Gallery WordPress Plugin Integration
  • All Themes are Widget Ready
  • Instant Download After Purchase
  • Custom Software Box Image PSD (To help sell your PLR Pack)

PLR Holiday WordPress Theme Pack Only $37

===>Check Out the Holiday WordPress Theme Demo<===

Not only do you get these incredible themes, but you also get the PSD (Photoshop) files that were used to build the blog headers. That is like getting the full source code because you can make changes or modifications to the headers and further enhance your sites. You can also add additional images to the headers and create custom text to make them all your own.

Custom blog headers could easily cost you the price of this entire package and that is what makes this the perfect deal!

You can sell them individually for $37 – $47 each and make your money back in one sale or you can resell the whole package for $100 i

The point is that everyone will be looking for holiday WordPress themes and you have what everyone wants!

Check out the screen shots of the themes you will be getting:

Here’s what you can do with these templates ….
* sell the templates
* brand the templates with your own links
* claim authorship of the templates
* supply the templates in a (paid) membership area,
* alter the templates (hey, private label rights!),

And here’s what you cannot do with these templates ….
* give them away for free
* No Master Resale Rights
* you cannot sell Private Label Rights to the original document.

Grab these awesome holiday WordPress templates today!

Top Toy Review WordPress Theme Now Available For Sale – Get Yours Now!

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Top Toy Review WordPress Theme

Top Toy Review WordPress Theme

As you can imagine, I get TONS of emails from customers about the blog theme. The most often asked question is “when are you going to offer that theme customization for sale”. Well, I wasn’t going to make it available but I’ve gotten so many emails that I’ve decided to do just that.

Now available for purchase is the complete Top Toy Review blog theme complete with every custom modification I’ve made PLUS the Photoshop (PSD) header file with review stars so that you can make your own custom headers. Of course I can’t offer you the Christmas background because of licensing constraints from the stock photography site, but I will tell you how you can get your own version of the background plus a whole lot more to choose from.

The price is $69.00 for the theme + custom modifications + PSD header file + Custom ReviewAZON Template and a complete customization User Guide to help guide you through the installation.

Check out the demo site here:

Here is what you get with this deal:

•    Modified version of the popular StudioPress Church WordPress Theme
•    My personal customized Church Theme Options page so that you can easily choose which categories of posts to show on the home page and navigation menu.
•    Simplified CSS file fully commented to help you with changing only the styles that matter.
•    MultiBox JavaScript Image Viewer integration to give your customers the incredible viewing experience seen on the full product page of
•    The same color scheme as Top Toy
•    Customized ReviewAZON template for your main template page.
•    Customized [Read More] template just like the one used on
•    Freedom to use this theme on AS MANY SITES AS YOU OWN
•    Fully supported via the ReviewAZON Support Forum (If you are a ReviewAZON customer)

Your licensed copy of this theme also comes with support via the ReviewAZON support forum if you are a customer of ReviewAZON.

Remember, all the hard work and customization has been done for you. All you have to do is install, create posts and SELL, SELL, SELL!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to create stunning Holiday Themed blogs just in time for the holiday selling season.


Custom Flexsqueeze Theme Headers $10: For A Limited Time

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If you are a Flexsqueeze customer or thinking about purchasing Flexsqueeze for your WordPress blogging theme, I have created several custom niche theme headers especially for Flexsqueeze.

The following niche headers are now available:

For more information on this offer, you can view the listing on SitePoint by clicking the link below:

Custom Flexsqueeze Theme Headers for only $10

Click Here Get additional details on the Flexsqueeze Theme  for WordPress

ReviewAZON 1.1 Officially Released

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ReviewAZON 1.1 has been officially released. This version has quite a few features/enhancements and is now compliant with the Amazon Advertising API changes that go in effect on August 15th 2009.

Also in this release is support for WordPress 2.8 and WordPress 2.8.1.

You can read more about what is available in the 1.1 release here: ReviewAZON 1.1 Features

Announcing Feature Packed ReviewAZON 1.1 Now In Customer Testing Phase

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The newest version of ReviewAZON, version 1.1.0 , is now in customer testing and set to release in the next couple of weeks. This release has numerous fixes and enhancements driven primarily from customers participating in the ReviewAZON support forum and requirements from Amazon’s Product Advertising API changes announced in May.

Here are some of the highlights from the upcoming release:

  1. Updated to comply with the new Amazon Product Advertising API changes for signed web services calls – Starting on August 15th any application that uses the Amazon Product Advertising API (formerly Amazon Associate API) will have to make signed calls to the service. This requires updates existing applications and plug-ins to make this work properly. ReviewAZON is now updated and compliant with these requirements.
  2. Integration with PhpOStock, the Premier Affiliate Plug-in for WordPress – You can now use PhpOStock short codes in the ReviewAZON templating system allowing you to embed listings from in your product posts. This works just like the eBay listing integration using PhpBayPro.
  3. Integrated Product Click Tracking and Reporting – You can now track customer product click throughs to Amazon using the integrated click tracking technology. You get detailed reporting that allows you to manage your product placement and promotion without having to guess which products are performing well on your site. You also get a WordPress Dashboard widget that easliy shows you the top 5 performing products on your blog.
  4. Multi Amazon Tracking ID Support – Most Amazon products only let you associate one tracking id to all of the product that you promote via the Amazon Product Advertising API. ReviewAZON now supports multiple tracking IDs so that you can assign different Amazon tracking ids to different products allowing you to better keep track of product performance and commissions.
  5. Randomized Bulk Product Posting Capabilities – You now have the option of having ReviewAZON randomly post your Amazon product reviews over a span of time instead of at a certain interval. This allows your product posts to appear naturally added over time.
  6. Integration with the Vendiva Price Comparison Service – You can now use the Vendiva Price Comparison service within the ReviewAZON templating system. Get additional sales by giving your customers price comparison options on certain products you are promoting. ReviewAZON customers get a 15% discount off the great service.
  7. 4 New Template Tokens -  In addition to the other template tokens that allow you to precisely place Amazon content and data using the ReviewAZON templating system, you have 4 new pieces of data you can use. Amount Saved, Percent Saved, New From Text and Used From Text. Now show your customers how much they are saving off the retail price of the products you are promoting and also show the number and price of new and used offerings from other merchants.
  8. Auto Create Product Brand Categories – You can now have ReviewAZON dynamically create a WordPress cateogry for the product you are creating via the Bulk Product Post page and the New Product Post page.
  9. eBay Sidebar Widget Enhancements – There are several enhancements to the eBay sidebar widget to display eBay listings via PhpBayPro.
  10. Amazon Product Accessories and Amazon Related Products Sidebar Widget Enhancements – Now the Amazon product accessories and related products widgets take on a dual role by allowing you to specify an Amazon product query to show certain products instead of the ones that Amazon reccommends.

The best part is that existing customers get ALL of these enhancements and fixes for FREE. ReviewAZON is a one time price of only $79 and you get all enhancements and fixes free for the life of the product.

Buy ReviewAZON today and join the support forum to let us know what features YOU would like to see in the next release!

ReviewAZON Now Supports WPMU (WordPress Multi-User)

Posted June 12th, 2009 by Brad with 2 Comments

If you are a user of WPMU (WordPress Multi-User) for your internet marketing efforts or just to organize your fleet of blogs, I am proud to announce that the pending release of ReviewAZON version 1.1.0 now officially supports WPMU.

What is WPMU?

Wordpress Multi-User allows you to host multiple WordPress blogs on a single instance of WordPress. It does everything that the normal version of WordPress does but allows you to have unlimited users and blogs. You can have different permissions on the blogs and install different plugins for each of the various blogs you create.

Check out for more information.

Buy ReviewAZON and Get a 15% Discount on FlexSqueeze Theme for WordPress

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For a very limited time, you can grab 15% off the FlexSqueeze Multiple Domain Version Theme for WordPress when you purchase a copy of ReviewAZON!

This is a fantastic deal on one of the most popular WordPress themes for Internet Marketing around. The fact that you can stand up a squeeze page or landing page in minutes is reason enough to purchase this theme. It is packed with TONS of options and compliments ReviewAZON  very well.

It’s easy to get your 15% off FlexSqueeze:

  1. Purchase a licensed copy of ReviewAZON
  2. Create an account on the support forum
  3. Grab your special FlexSqueeze discount code and head on over to the FlexSqueeze site to get your discount!

Don’t forget to check out my YouTube video on creating PPC Landing Pages with ReviewAZON and FlexSqueeze here:

Video Demo: Creating PPC Landing Pages Using ReviewAZON and FlexSqueeze

This offer is for a limited time, so get your discount today!